About Us

Our History

Water Wisdom Foundation has been established to build on and continue 30 years of great achievements in India with WaterHarvest UK (formerly Wells for India).

Water Wisdom Foundation is an independent Indian organization committed to continuing the work to bring long lasting sustainable impacts to the lives of the underprivileged.

It is a Section 8 Company, and was incorporated on 23rd November 2017 with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The Company’s registered office is H 2, Ridge Castle, Dadabari Road, Mehrauli New Delhi- 110030.

WaterHarvest UK was founded in 1987 by Dr Nicholas Grey and Professor Mary Grey after a visit to Rajasthan, India which was then in the grip of a terrible drought. Since then, WaterHarvest UK, working with its Indian partner agencies, has improved the lives of 1.6 million people by providing access to safer and sustainable water supplies through harvesting the rains. WaterHarvest UK’s work in more than 1,500 villages would not have been possible without the support of funding from individuals, corporations, grant making trusts, institutions and government agencies within India and UK.

WaterHarvest UK’s work in India is continuing in parallel with that of the Water Wisdom Foundation.

If you would like to know more about the work WaterHarvest UK does, be sure to visit the WaterHarvest website www.water-harvest.org

Our Guiding principles

Water Wisdom Foundation is guided by key principles of social justice, leveraging partnerships, innovation, equity, gender equality, sustainability, building capacities at various levels and empowering communities.

The emphasis in our work is on the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized communities by ensuring sustainability of water availability in terms of potability, adequacy, convenience, affordability etc.

Water Wisdom Foundation design and implement its initiatives through social, institutional, technical, environmental, and financial sustainability.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to seek the world where water is respected and its relationship with human being and ecosystem is honored.

Our Mission is to expand provision of adequate, safer and secure water supplies to improve environment and enhance lives of the underprivileged through traditional knowledge, contemporary and appropriate technology and fostering partnerships and networks of non-government organizations, governments, research and academic institutions, corporate and joint ventures etc.

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