What We Do

Water Wisdom Foundation areas of work are listed as under:

  1. Improving traditional rain water harvesting systems through appropriate technology.
  2. Improving drinking water quality through introducing the water safety plans and low cost technologies.
  3. Creating replicable models of water use efficiency.
  4. Policy level inputs
  5. Enhancing sustenance of water resources through various social and cultural medium such as folk songs, puppet shows, videos, smart phone applications, set up water related community radio.
  6. Organize meetings, seminars, public meetings, awareness campaign, competitions, awards, study circles etc on water issues.
  7. Establish and develop models of good water governance, water recycling, socially managed system etc.
  8. To document and disseminate the experience and methodology developed by various organizations on water-related works in India and other countries.
  9. To conduct collaborative technical studies, Research and Development (R&D) and document Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  10. To conduct activities in relation to Water Education/literacy.