Privacy Policy

The Water Wisdom Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold, whether you are a donor, volunteer, or campaigner.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy ('Policy') is to give you a clear explanation about how the Water Wisdom Foundation collects and uses the personal information (or personal data) you provide to us and that we collect, whether online, via phone, email, in letters or in any other correspondence.

Developing a better understanding of our supporters through their personal information allows us to fundraise more efficiently, which ultimately helps in the fight for our cause i.e. every rain drop counts. We have made improvements to this Policy so that transparency is at the core of what we do. We ensure that we use your personal information in accordance with the law.

This Policy explains:

  • What information the Water Wisdom Foundation may collect about you;
  • How we will use that information;
  • Whether we disclose your details to anyone else;
  • Your choices regarding the information you provide to us.

We collect information about you in the following ways:

  • When you post information on our social media or message boards, make a donation to us, register for an event or otherwise provide us with personal information. When you register, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, bank account details for setting up a regular direct debit gift and contact preferences.
  • We collect information about our online content that you use and how you use it, like when you watch a video on YouTube, visit our websites or view and interact with our ads and content. We, like all organisations, can confirm what browser you are using, IP address and computer operating systems that are being used and this information may be used to improve the services we offer. Please see our Cookie Policy for more detail.
  • We may include information found in places such as LinkedIn and information that has been published in articles/newspapers.

What personal information do we process?

We collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

  • Your name and contact details, including postal address, telephone number, email address and, where applicable, your social media profile
  • Your date of birth
  • Financial information you provide where you make a payment, such as bank details or credit/debit card details, although we don't store credit or debit card details.
  • Information about your computer/mobile device and your visits to and use of this website, including for example your IP address and geographical location.
  • Any other personal information you share with us as described above

Your debit and credit card information

  • If you use your credit or debit card to donate to us, buy something or pay for a registration online we will use a specialist payment processor.
  • Please do not send an email containing any credit or debit card details, since it will be immediately deleted and no payment will be taken. If this happens, we'll let you know.
  • All purchases or donations should be completed through the donation page on our website

Website users

Water Wisdom Foundation website use cookies to help our websites work well and to track information about how people are using them.

  • Water Wisdom Foundation website collect personal information you supply when you register with us.
  • The website you sign up to will collect information such as your name, email address and post code. Once you register with that website, you will not be anonymous to us when you subsequently sign in.
  • As part of the registration process and continued use of Water Wisdom Foundation services, you agree that any registration information you give to Water Wisdom Foundation will always be accurate, correct and up to date.
  • We use cookies to allow us to store limited information on an individual’s computer to either track them through tracking cookies or to allow people to have automatic logons as an example. We use this information to provide you with a good experience when browsing our website and to improve the functionality of our site.

Job Applicants

  • If you apply to work at the Water Wisdom Foundation, we will only use the information you give us to process your application or to monitor recruitment statistics on an unidentified basis. If we want to disclose information to someone outside the Water Wisdom Foundation, for example, if we need a reference from your previous employer, we will tell you beforehand.
  • If you are unsuccessful in your job application, we may hold your personal information after we’ve finished recruiting for the post you applied for, for up to 12 months to deal with any follow up queries or issues.
  • We keep statistical information about all applicants to develop our recruitment processes however no individual applicant would be identifiable from this information.
  • If you commence employment with the Water Wisdom Foundation, your personal information will be processed in accordance with your employment contract and other applicable human resources policies we have from time to time.

How we use your information

We use your personal information for several purposes including the following:

  • To provide information about our work, activities, volunteering, or events although this will only be where you have consented to being contacted.
  • To process donations we may receive from you;
  • To fundraise in a manner referred to in this Policy or that you would reasonably expect;
  • To create an account for you if you register with us;
  • To deliver services to you;
  • For administration purposes (for example we may contact you regarding a donation you have made, including in relation to tax rebate or the event you have registered for);
  • To invite you to participate in surveys or research (although this is voluntary);
  • To use IP addresses to identify your approximate location, to block disruptive use, to record website traffic or to personalise the way our information is presented to you;
  • To analyse and improve the online services we offer, to make them as user-friendly as possible;
  • Where collecting and holding your information is required or authorised by law;

Inappropriate website content

If you post or send any content that we believe to be inappropriate, offensive or in breach of any laws, such as defamatory, abusive, or hateful content on our forums or social media pages, if necessary, we may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties such as your internet provider or law enforcement agencies.

If you have any queries about this privacy and cookies policy, please contact our CEO email:

(Last updated on 25th April 2023)